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Joey Lam, the CEO & Founder of EDNS Domains have taken part in an AMA with Nawarat in their telegram group to let Nawara Community members have a good idea about decentralized domains, the different features offered by EDNS Domains and the next coming features.

Below is a full-recap of the AMA, for you who couldn’t make it, or for anyone that’s interested. Feel free to have a read!

1st Segment : Introduction and Questions & Answers

Staff James : Hello guys. Ama is starting now. Sorry for the slight delay.Are you ready Joey Lam ?

Joey Lam : Yes very excited

Staff James : We are so glad to have you too. Can you give our users a brief introduction about yourselfCan you give our users a brief introduction about yourself ?

Joey Lam : Okay, I would like to introduce my background a bit. I have 23 years of IT experience and have been an entrepreneur in digital IT and decentralized technology field for five years. I have unmatched expertise in adopting digital transformation technology to new markets. As the CEO of EDNS, I oversee the entire EDNS project and keep it running smoothly.

Staff James : Woww such great years of experience😁

Now let’s talk about the project. What does EDNS do?

Joey Lam : Pleasure, At EDNS Domains, we share decentralized identities for the world through decentralized domain services, which are be built on the polygon blockchain.

These domains replace cryptocurrency addresses with human readable names. Decentralized domains act as decentralized identities, which is the hub of your digital identity in web 3.0. Your domain serves as the bedrock for identifying your virtual identity and work in Web 3.0.

Staff James : Great nice innovation😊. What milestones has EDNS Achieved so far? What has EDNS been up to ?

Joey Lam : Thanks you😊

EDNS launched in April this year and domains with TLDs like .meta, .music, .ass, .404, .web3 and .sandbox were publicly released. Our half-year anniversary is coming up soon and we’re planning an exciting event for our community, so be sure to join in on the fun!

In June, we launched our beta EDNS messaging feature. We are the first-ever Web 3.0 project to launch a messaging function in the decentralized domains era.

We also announced our layer 2 decentralized storage system DeDrive! DeDrive hosts storage for users in both centralized cloud services and multi-chain decentralized storage.

We’ve released our search engine for domain records, and an accompanying Chrome plugin to look up records linked to domains.

To meet more users’ demand, we’re preparing to launch another TLD related to gamefi this month. Stay tuned!

Our team works hard to achieve and exceed our milestones. You can follow our progress and check out previous events on our website at

Staff James : Amazing! I must say.

What is the Roadmap for the EDNS Project?

Joey Lam : Our roadmap includes exciting features like EDNS messaging, $EDNS Tokens and DeDrive Production, as well as programs like Partner Network (Distributor Program, Reseller Program and Solution Partner Program). We are also working on web 3 web hosting & web builder, wallet, communication tool, and onmi-chain system!

You can view our Roadmap at our website,

Staff James : Are there any campaigns or giveaways going on right now?

Joey Lam : Yes! The Nawarat x EDNS giveaway will continue until 7th October, so be sure to join in on the fun at

To keep yourself updated with our upcoming campaigns, we highly recommend you to follow our socials:

Staff James : Our partnership giveaway! Does EDNS have any plans on releasing tokens soon?

Joey Lam : Yes, we will definitely consider launching our native token $EDNS later this year.

Previously, we had a successful whitelist campaign. We will have a second round of whitelisting for our community soon. So please join our community to get updates on any upcoming events and campaigns!

We believe $EDNS will largely power up our EDNS ecosystem and hope all of you will be interested in learning more about it when the info is ready.

Staff James : Do you have plans to expand to other blockchains like BSC, Polygon, solana, Polkadot, etc ?

Joey Lam : Yes, we will be announcing our partnership with IOTEX, a public chain soon this month. Our EDNS platform will be deployed on that chain and join their ecosystem.

Furthermore, we will expand to ETH, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, and BSC chain. We have our investors and users in mind as we plan our integration to bridge to different chains.

Staff James : Multichain is great😁!

What Community Programs are active right now?

Joey Lam : The Ambassador Program has been up and running since earlier this year. The most active members on our social platforms are chosen to be our ambassadors.

Ambassadors get special rewards and is an opportunity for members to create a second stream of income for themselves.

Learn more and sign up at

Staff James : The last questions for the phase. Does EDNS have plans to expand into the Metaverse?

Joey Lam : Of course! Metaverse is a platform that brings together an international community through the lens of virtual reality.

And so, we have partnered with gamefi and musicfi companies to pursue our vision as a decentralized domain name service.

With our domains providing a digital identity and security to new & existing users who wish to utilize this for the metaverse.

Staff James : Great answers friend. Your project is a great one. I believe our users has learn a lot about your project.

2nd Segment : Twitter Q&A

Staff James : For Part II, we selected 20 questions from Twitter to reward but we will only answer 10 of them for this AMA. Are you ready Joey Lam ?

Joey Lam : Super excited for part 2

Staff James : Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us? — @fm826782

Joey Lam : Yes! We have a YouTube channel where we upload EDNS user guides and informative videos about EDNS, Decentralized domains and Web3! Check us out at

Staff James : Amazing

Only getting users, holders etc is not everything. In my opinion, a project needs to deal with solving a real-world issue or problem What is the problem that your project primarily focuses on? — @uyenqo

Joey Lam : In the Web 2.0 space, building a website can be complicated and require you to juggle between a list of different services.

To get your domain, you may use a service like GoDaddy. For cloud storage, you might be using iCloud. To design your webpage, you could be using WIX. EDNS completely eliminates that.

EDNS features include Decentralized Storage, web hosting, web builder and wallet access, so domain holders can perform everything they need for a website through EDNS Domains.

In the future, a decentralized domain will be the door to dApps (decentralized applications) and dWeb (decentralized Web), fusing both regions together into one piece.

Such as accessing dApps like ( or trust wallet), or dWebs (metamask,
opera, status), from one webpage. EDNS will continue to develop the infrastructure to support the needs of web 3.0.

Staff James : Huge problem you are solving😁👍

What are the most highlighted features in your platform that can make it stand out in the market? Does #EDNS is open for beginners or only for crypto experts? How would you welcome non-crypto natives to explore in your platform? — @UKisseopp91

Joey Lam : EDNS focuses on making web3 domains accessible for web 2, so one of our key goals is to educate web 3 beginners.

A Web3 domain has all the features of a Web2 domain and
comes with additional features such as heightened security and blockchain verifiable ownership.

Web3 Domains use decentralized technology to increase security from
attacks with true ownership and brand identity to individuals and business owners who want increased visibility.

An EDNS domain specifically also includes messaging functionality, decentralized storage, and web builder tools for all your Web3.0 hosting needs.

Web2 domains, on the other hand, simply act as a domain for users who need a name for their webpages.

Staff James : Nice Collab…I am intrigued about the concept of decentralized storage….In what way is EDNS pioneering or making this a reality? @ChineduUmeojia3

Joey Lam : We’ve announced our upcoming project DeDrive! DeDrive hosts storage for users in both centralized cloud services and multi-chain decentralized storage.

With the powerful management console, users can create, read, update and delete their data to manage their whole file system.

It also provides users with the flexibility of selecting different chains, or
storage providers to store their data.

Learn more about DeDrive in our Blog page:

Staff James : Lately web3 domain is very popular and has become a trend, but unfortunately web3 domain is not popular based on its function but is popular for trading, which means that people themselves don’t know and don’t understand about the function itself And the question is what do you think about that? Please explain to people about valuable web3 domain and your projects for the future! -@Desserto3

Joey Lam : You make a good point! It’s true that web3 domains are more known for their value in trading rather than their intrinsic utility value, but we are reaching out to the mass market and educating the public on the utility value of EDNS domains.

AMAs like this are a way to spread the message but we also have a YouTube channel and publish articles on Medium to give our audience valuable insight into the future of Web 3 domains.

Feel free to check out our links

As our vision says — shaping the future of the Web 3.0 world by creating unprecedented value and infinite opportunities for users and ecosystem partners.

Staff James : In The Hype On The Web 3.0 Era , Now So Much Project to Build Web 3.0 Domain Service , Why Must Choose @ednsdomains , please give some reason or sugestion? @baguspahlevy2

Joey Lam : Our domains will include decentralized storage, and accessibility to dApps, dWeb, and dWallets in the future.

No other projects integrate all technologies into one platform like us. This gives us an edge over our competitors.

Decentralized storage, in particular, plays a huge utility role. Using decentralized
storage, files are not stored in centralized data centers but instead, encrypted, split into pieces, and distributed on a global cloud network.

This is crucial and an important tool in making EDNS stand out from the crowd. Domain Names are an entry point for our users, but EDNS functionality far surpasses a simple domain. Instead, EDNS has utility in safekeeping information more securely than currently available cloud services like Google Drive, or iCloud.

We believe this integration is critical in web3.0 for blockchain companies such as, NFT projects, Defi projects, or even the medical industry.

Staff James : Brilliant!

Is there any Fees to keep my domain after I purchase a Domain? I should pay any extra charges for using that domain like monthly or annually? — @StickmanFams

Joey Lam : Our domains are charged annually.

The current annual price for a 5+ character domain is USD$25 a month, but with more of the EDNS ecosystem getting released soon, different payment packages will be released for different utility services!

Any unrenewed domains will go back in the open market for sale.

The annual renewal ensures that any updates to the smart contract can be renewed, as well as ensures that no domains will be wasted or lost in the long term, giving every user an opportunity to hold the domain they’d like to have.

Staff James : Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term? — @naa1409

Joey Lam : EDNS is dedicated to the longevity and long-term impact of our project. Our services does not only cater to the crypto/NFT markets but for the better future of Web3.0, this itself is a different market.

Domains have functionalities that push non-crypto users to convert to decentralized technology and use it for business and personal use regardless of it being based of cryptocurrency or fiat, so based on utility alone, our project will outlive any short-term cash grab that’s based solely in trading with no real utility value.

As for the token, more will be released soon. Stay tuned for any news by following our socials!

Staff James : Is your project in very important a community only for English speaking countries. Or for users not for others languages? Do you have any community for non-English users too? — @Zayaan883

Joey Lam : We currently only have an English community only but we are looking into expanding the language options and getting community managers from different regions to adapt to ourcommunity’s demands.

Remember to respond to our polls so we know which language we
should start with first!

Staff James : Since starting the project, did you achieve everything you planned or did you have to make drastic changes to your main idea at the start and what makes your project better than your competitors? — @kaifsaifi420

Last question from twitter😁👍

Joey Lam : So far ! We’ve been sticking quite closely to the roadmap.

As the project develops, we’ve realized that there may be need for some small features that weren’t originally planned,and we added them in to improve the user experience and the entire project!

As for the big picture, our original roadmap has definitely served us well and continues to function as a guide for our entire team to work on!

Staff James : Woww !!!! It has been an amazing session

Joey Lam : Kind reminder:

For this AMA, we’ve selected 20 best questions from our AMA Tweet. The winner list will be posted on both Nawarat and EDNS’ official Twitter accounts. EDNS will reach out to winners for the rewards within 1 week after the announcement via Twitter. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your participation.

Thank you for hosting us and having such a great AMA!

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