EDNS AMA Recap : All about the Zodiac NFT Domains

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Since the beginning of this year, EDNS Domains have been rolling out many features to increase the value of their decentralized domains which you can purchase on their platform. Let me remind you that a Web3 or NFT domain is a human-readable domain based on the blockchain technology which can be used at the place of your public address and then avoid losing crypto by sending them to a wrong address.

During the month of february, EDNS have launched Dedrive, their layer 1 decentralized storage solution which will disrupt the data storage and they have presented to us a new NFT domains collection called Zodiac NFT Domains. This article will let you know more about this awesome NFT collection and their value.

The AMA were hosted in the EDNS Telegram Community, conducted by Joey Lam, the CEO of EDNS and moderated by Indra, the official community manager from the Indonesian community which has been opened recently.

Stephen : Get ready guys, the AMA is about to start in a minute. Kindly note that the chat will be muted through the AMA. We will invite our CEO to answer some of the questions collected from the community and more importantly about the topic today, Zodiac domains.

@indrajuanno will be our moderator today.

Welcome @indrajuanno and @joey_edns

Indra : Hey guys! It’s me 😎, thanks @Steve001M — — hello Joey!!

Joey Lam : Hello everyone, I am happy to share with you a lot about EDNS and the Zodiac NFT domains.

Indra : Yesss, hello everyone!! Let’s get the AMA started! By the way Joey, I am so glad that I’ve met you in person already! Sorry for our super spicy food in Bali haha! Next time I will recommend you the better ones.

Joey Lam : Yeah, It was a great moment and I am happy to have met you too.

Indra : Great! Okay then let’s start the question. I have seen many updates for the EDNS project. Can you please show us the latest roadmap?

Joey Lam : I am ready! Great question.

Our roadmap includes exciting features.We recently launched our trial DeDrive Campaign and will soon be launching DeDrive after fixing bugs and implementing them by the trial users. We are also launching Zodiac Domains, which is the topic of today’s discussion. Additionally, EDNS 2.0, multi-chain domain, and token will be launched soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

Indra : Awesome!! We can foresee a bright future. So, what are Zodiac Domains?

Joey Lam : Zodiac Domains are a collection of 366 unique and rare domain names that are sold in a limited-edition collection. They are exclusive and have limited availability, which makes them more valuable and sought after than regular domain names. Each domain consists of only 4 numbers representing the date and corresponding zodiac sign NFT. Check for more information about Zodiac NFT Domain.

Indra : We had a pretty successful private sale, which shows the urgency of the market for zodiac domains. So my question is, how can we buy a zodiac domain and what will be the original price?

Joey Lam : Nice question! Zodiac Domains can be purchased on Opensea. Sales will officially begin in batches on 28/2/23. The price of EDNS domains can vary depending on factors such as rarity and demand.

They will start at $988 and can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Indra : How can I determine the value of a Zodiac Domain NFT?

Joey Lam : The value of a Zodiac Domain is determined by factors such as its rarity, demand, and other market factors. It is recommended to consult with a domain name appraiser or broker for a more accurate valuation.

As with any investment, there are always risks involved. The value of the domain may fluctuate over time, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to resell it for a profit. It is important to do your research and consult with experts before making any investment decisions.

Indra : Sounds great!!! This collection will be the first 4-digit domains released by EDNS. Can you give us a sneak peek of how Zodiac Domains will benefit the future EDNS ecosystem?

Joey Lam : Zodiac Domain holders will be VIPs and will receive exclusive benefits. When we launch new products, VIPs will be the first to enjoy them and will receive free vouchers for our services. These are just two benefits; we have other benefits planned for when our products launch.

Indra : After Zodiac Domains, how can we obtain other premium domains?

Joey Lam : Zodiac Domains will be our first and last selling premium domains. Other premium domains will have different requirements for obtaining them, which will be related to our token.

Indra : So, it is really exclusive right now. What can the community do to be the first to step into the EDNS ecosystem?

Joey Lam : We recommend that members stay tuned with us. They should join or follow our communities on platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and others to stay up to date on our latest information.

Giveaways, EDNS 2.0, and token information may pop up at any time. Additionally, staying active in our community may result in receiving some exclusive offers when our community manager recognizes your participation.

Here is our socials : linktr.ee/ednsdomains feel free to share and follow us as there is a lot to be communicated. Thank you.

Indra : Alright then, I think that is all for today. Thank you Joey for your answers!

And Thank you to everyone who participated in our AMA event today. We hope you found it informative and gained valuable insights from us! With EDNS, LET’S WEB3 TOGETHER!

Get back to you brother @Steve001M 😎✌️

Joey Lam : Thanks for having me, it was a pleasure to share these details with the community. Thank you to those who attended and LETS WEB3 TOGETHER!

Stephen : Great one @indrajuanno and thanks to our CEO for giving us the heads up about the roadmap and detailed information about the Zodiac domains.

It was a great AMA and I hope you all enjoyed it. The chat will be open now.

This AMA put us at the heart of what has been done since the beginning of this year especially during the month of February. Zodiac NFT Domain a fresh new NFT Collection which will add value to domains provided by EDNS and let them stand out from other web3 domains providers.



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