EDNS Join Web3 Football Carnival with RelationLabs

Hervé Zossou
4 min readNov 21, 2022

Sport in general and soccer in particular, is an activity that brings together many people around the world. It allows everyone to have fun by sharing good times with friends, family or soccer enthusiasts to live an unforgettable experience. In the crypto ecosystem, in the Web3 era, crypto projects have their own ways of spending time with their communities.

So for the World Cup that starts on November 20th 2022 EDNS Domains wants to taste its share of the cake with its community. Indeed, thanks to their partnership with Relation Labs, EDNS Domains joins the Web3 Football Carnival 2022 alongside Nawarat, Project Twelve, Port3, MetaEstate and offers several prizes to be won for the different communities with a reward pool of more than $30,000.

What to expect from the Web3 Football Carnival? How can you participate in the various events and win a share of the rewards?

Who are the different partners of the Web3 Football Carnival 2022?

The Web3 Football Carnival 2022 brings together several projects from different backgrounds. This event is organized by Relation Labs which is part of the web3 dynamic and aims to explore the value of social graph data on Web3. Their vision is to provide the most powerful and richest social graph data for multiple global blockchain systems and explore new paradigms linking people, organizations, relationships and behaviors serving as the next generation social network infrastructure in the Web3 era.

For the Web3 Football Carnival, Relation Labs welcomes alongside several other Web3 ecosystem projects including EDNS Domains which is a decentralized top-level domain name provider based on the Polygon blockchain with a vision to become multi-chain, Port3 Network aggregates and standardizes off-chain/on-chain data to build a universally accessible and powerful social data layer for Web3 use cases, and have a vision to be the Web3 social data portal.

Also among the partners taking part is Nawarat who is already known to the EDNS community following the giveaway and AMA born from their partnership. Other projects will also be part of the event.

To enjoy these moments of joy, what could be better than to win rewards which can be in USD or exclusive NFTs? But what to do to take part?

How can you enjoy the Web3 Football Carnival 2022?

If you want to make the most of this World Cup with EDNS Domains, you will just have to follow EDNS Domains and its partners on their different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook as the official announcements are made on these platforms. Subscribe to their Twitter account, activate the notification bell to get alerted about all their tweets.

Besides, you can also interact in the different communities whether on Telegram or Discord. You will have the opportunity to meet people like you, with the same interests and especially the same passion for EDNS and Football.

Once you have subscribed to the different social networks of EDNS and its partners and joined their different communities, you are now ready for the Carnival. But what will you gain during these events?

What rewards are in store for you?

For the Web3 Football Carnival, EDNS Domains and its partners have prepared a $50,000 reward pool. You can share dizzying rewards from over 30 top Web3 projects like tokens, NFTs, SBTs, Domains… beyond your expectations💥. This is just a brief overview of what you’ll be gaining. I hope you don’t miss out. Together for the Web3 Football Carnival with EDNS Domains and partners 💪.

Final Words

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup approaches, EDNS Domains is taking part in the Web3 Football Carnival campaign to celebrate this year’s most impressive and exciting moments, in collaboration with Relation Labs, Project Twelve, Port3 Network, MetaEstate, Nawarat. The Carnival of Football is a series of World Cup themed events held during the World Cup in Qatar for users to participate in this quadrennial sporting event.

Participants will have the chance to win a bunch of tokens and exclusive NFTs and SBTs from EDNS and their partners. Don’t miss it!

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