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Hervé Zossou
6 min readFeb 23, 2023

A project’s team is the backbone of its success. It is through the combination of skills, passion and determination of each member that goals can be achieved. In this article, we will introduce the people who make up the dynamic and talented team behind EDNS Domains, working together for a better Web3.0 for all of us by bringing to us decentralized domains with a lot of features.

The team behind EDNS Domains is made up of people who all come from different fields and sectors. We can meet people who are specialized in marketing, others in the technical field with Cloud developers, Blockchain developers, Full Stack developers and others for consultation. I invite you to discover each of them in the different sections of this article.

The Founding Team

These are the people who came up with the idea of creating EDNS Domains and worked to bring the project to life. The founding team members play a key role in defining the vision and goals of EDNS Domains, as well as setting the corporate culture and internal policies.

Joey Lam : Chief Executive Officer

Joey is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EDNS Domains and has 23 years of IT experience and has been an entrepreneur in digital IT and decentralized technology field for five years. She has unmatched expertise in adopting digital transformation technology to new markets. She oversees the entire EDNS project and keeps it running smoothly.

Edmond Cheung : Co-Founder and COO

Edmond is the Co-Founder & COO at EDNS Domains. He often works closely with the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) to ensure that the company’s objectives are met. He has 18 Years of experience in Business Development and 12 years of experience in sales management & operation roles in the IT industry. He also has 4 years of experience in marketing & business development in innovative industries. He’s in charge of the operations and coordinates the EDNS teams to ensure different departments are cooperating effectively.

Mike Ng : Co-Founder and Technical Director

Mike Ng is also a Co-Founder of EDNS Domains as Edmond Cheung. He is an ex-Amazonian and current AWS Community builder with multiple clouds certifications. As an expert in cloud providers, Mike is currently exploring Web 3.0 development, especially in the Ethereum ecosystem. Mike leads the technical team to build EDNS into what it is today, as well as everything that’s coming up in the future!

The Advisory Team

Prof Emil Chan is the one responsible for Product Advisory at EDNS Domains. Emil is a FinTech evangelist with over 20 years experience in managing IT and business transformation projects in international financial institutions. He is the visiting and adjunct professor and lecturer as well as advisor of various departments of local universities including HKU, PolyU, CityU, Hang Seng U, Lingnan U and VTC.

The Marketing Team

The marketing team is in charge of setting up commercial strategies to allow the project to gain notoriety and popularity. Among other things, they are responsible for managing communication on the various social networks of the company, finding projects with which to form partnerships and many other things. Let’s find out who makes up the EDNS Domains marketing team.

Kevin Yeung : Business Manager

Kevin’s previous expertise lies in events and exhibitions. At the office, he mainly does a variety of administrative work, responds to client enquiries and handles the finances of the company, but also fills in where he is needed. When not at work, Kevin spends his time in a permanent existential crisis.

Scarlett Chui : Marketing Director

Scarlett has 12 years of experience in marketing in various multinational corporations. She leads and coordinates the marketing team, and acts as a bridge between teams. She is always in the know of the ins and outs of the entire company, making her the office queen!

Olga Ro : Marketing Creator

Olga lived in numerous countries around the globe before permanently (at least for now!) landing in Asia. She is responsible for day-to-day marketing operations. You have probably met her online as she answers users’ questions. Say hi to her the next time you see her online !

Clara Chen : VP of Marketing

Clara has 6 years of experience in the blockchain and fintech industry, covering marketing, business development, strategic planning, product development, and operation. She’s overseeing marketing for projects including DeFi, NFT, CEX&DEX, and more and is well connected with the blockchain market globally.

Michelle Fasching : Marketing Manager

As a linguistic nerd caught in the middle of cultural crossroads most of her life, Michelle is adept at cultural translation. Here at EDNS, she supports a variety of marketing tasks and fills in where she is needed, including social copywriting, community management and campaign coordination.

Brian Lee : Project Manager

Brian studied Information Technology and used to manage projects for the government sector, but he’s made a 180-degree career switch to work in the blockchain industry! His main role is to plan, monitor and manage team members to deliver quality software and apps on schedule with the corporate business roadmap.

The Technical Team

This is the part of the team that is responsible for the design, development, maintenance and support of technical systems and products. This can include software, hardware and infrastructure. They work to ensure the proper operation and functionality of these systems, as well as troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise.

Will Wan : Cloud Developer

Will specializes in analyzing big data and developing system infrastructure and maintenance, and functions as the team’s code fixer. He is also an Excel genius and helps the marketing team with all their excel needs. On weekends, he is usually scuba diving in the middle of the ocean.

Alex Wong : Full Stack Developer

Alex is multi-talented, he’s involved in working on both the front-end and back-end of EDNS. He also builds the backbone of EDNS and develops, executes and tests smart contracts. In his free time, you can find him playing League of Legends as Anivia.

Jacob Chan : Full Stack Developer

Jacob is mainly involved in building the server for the projects. Sometimes he helps out with building the front end too, which is what you guys, our EDNSers, see and interact with! As designated DJ of the team, Jacob plays a key role — keeping the vibes in the office immaculate!

Luna Leung : UI/UX Designer & Company Mascot

Luna oversees updating and streamlining the user interface and experience of our website, but she usually involves herself with everything the team is doing. As the multifunctional company mascot, Luna brings joy to everyone in the office, and is always ready to extend a helping hand!

Kris Ho : Blockchain Developer

Kris is a wallet security expert as he discovers and patches wallet security vulnerabilities. He also works on backend engineering, specifically data processing. Kris enjoys solving problems with technology and creating meaning and fun for all users. As a self-proclaimed simultaneous biker and code, he is sure to get his cardio in.

Adian Wong : Cloud Developer

Adian is in charge of building the base structure of the entire EDNS Project. He is currently working on our upcoming DeDrive feature as well as the entire cloud infrastructure. His lame jokes are what keeps the tech team sane, and as drinks master, he keeps the office hydrated.

Final Words

Behind every successful project is a talented and determined team. In this article we have introduced the key team members of EDNS Domains who work tirelessly to achieve the project goals. With their unique skills and experience, these passionate professionals are the driving force behind this ambitious project. Get ready to meet the team that makes things happen.



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