The domain offers available at EDNS

Hervé Zossou
3 min readApr 25, 2023

In the world of decentralized blockchain technology, EDNS Domains is making a name for itself with its innovative approach to domain names. Based on the Polygon blockchain, EDNS Domains offers a variety of domain name options and hosting services to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike. In this article, we’ll explore the various offerings provided by EDNS Domains, including their free standard package, their paid standard and professional packages, and their unique 5-character domain name options. We’ll also discuss the advantages of using EDNS Domains over traditional domain name registrars and why it’s a smart choice for those looking to establish a decentralized web presence.

The domain offers available on EDNS Platform

EDNS Domains offers decentralized domain names based on the Polygon blockchain. They provide three different offers depending on the user’s needs. The first offer is the Standard plan, which is free of charge and grants access to privileges such as 1 GB of decentralized storage space, a bandwidth limit of 5 Gb, Web3 hosting version, and NFT connectivity.

The second plan is the Standard Plus, which costs $10 USD per month and includes additional benefits. In addition to the privileges of the Basic plan, users have access to Web Builder and Wallet Connect functions.

Finally, the third plan is the Professional plan, which costs $20 USD per month and offers the same benefits as the Standard Plus, but with a special gift of a free decentralized domain.

Users can also purchase 5-character domain names for their businesses or personal projects. The cost for a one-year domain name is $25 USD, while a three-year domain name costs $67.5 USD and a five-year domain name is priced at $100 USD.

Fees For Character Domain Names on EDNS Platform

EDNS Domains aims to offer affordable and decentralized domain name solutions for users in the blockchain ecosystem. The company’s Standard plan is ideal for users who need a basic domain name without any additional frills. For those who require more functionality, the Standard Plus plan is an excellent choice, as it offers more features such as Web Builder and Wallet Connect.

However, the Professional plan is the most comprehensive plan, offering all the features of the Standard Plus plan plus a free decentralized domain. This option is best for businesses or individuals who require a more sophisticated domain name system and want to take full advantage of EDNS Domain’s capabilities.

In conclusion, EDNS Domains is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a decentralized domain name system. With a range of plans and pricing options available, there is something to suit everyone’s needs and budget. Users can rest assured that their domain names will be secure and decentralized, providing them with complete control over their online presence.



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