The Next Steps After EDNS DeDrive Launch

Hervé Zossou
3 min readMar 22


Recently, EDNS have announced one of the products they are working on to make EDNS Domains become more valuable and have more features : it is DeDrive, the one-stop layer 1 decentralized storage solution made by EDNS for EDNS Domain holders. Actually, this new feature hasn’t been released yet, EDNS has just made a pre-launch of this product. After this pre-launch, they organized a DeDrive Trial Campaign in order to receive feedback about eventual bugs which will help to improve the product and make it be the best of its kind. What are the next steps to come after the launch of EDNS decentralized storage solution DeDrive ? I will go through the decentralized web hosting and builder, the EDNS wallet.

About DeDrive Pre-Launch

EDNS has many features to be launched in the future. Among them, DeDrive is the core feature of the EDNS ecosystem and the powerhouse of the next features to be released after it like the decentralized web hosting and builder tool, Web3 communication and the EDNS wallet. DeDrive has already been tried by the community and some of them have been chosen to have early access to this awesome feature with 30Gb of storage. We have seen on Twitter guys who have used the guide and uploaded their music on DeDrive. After DeDrive, the Web3 hosting and builder tool and EDNS wallet are expected to be launched in the near future.

Introducing the Web3 Hosting and Builder Tool

If we hold a decentralized domain it gives us many advantages such as receiving and sending cryptocurrencies, representing our Web3 identity and building our decentralized website as it is made with the centralized ones. In order to host and build our website, we have many ways to do it like using programming languages (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, ….). But this is too boring as we will have to learn all these programming languages which can take time and can cost very much if we have to pay a developper. So if we want to avoid this we can switch to a no-code tool as a builder. In Web2, we have many kinds of it called CMS and to enhance Web3 adoption around the world, EDNS will build and launch very soon a decentralized Web3 hosting and builder tool. This feature will help us build our Web3 website easier by using templates and customizing it as we need. This feature will be integrated directly to the EDNS platform so that we’ll not need to connect to a third party in order to build our website.

EDNS Wallet

To store and manage our crypto-currencies, we need a crypto-currency wallet that supports the vast majority of blockchain networks available on the market. So it is essential to have a Wallet to access the decentralized applications (DApps) and the smart contracts created through the EDNS and DeDrive.The Wallet enhanced is compatible with existing crypto wallets such as MetaMask and Coinbase with a management panel for EDNS, NFT market, DeDrive, and Web Hosting. It is the trail-blazing tool enabling user interactions and experience on Web 3.0. The existing wallet is a browser extension and a mobile app on mobile devices. Our enhanced Wallet will also be deployed as part of The Mini AirBox, another EDNS feature which can directly connect to Web 3.0 without using traditional computing devices.

Several features are still being developed behind the scenes at EDNS. We have already had an early access to DeDrive, the decentralized solution made By EDNS this month with a pre-launch. DeDrive is the powerhouse of the next features which will be released in the near future like the web hosting and builder tool which will help build Web3 Website with ease by using templates and the EDNS wallet. The future looks very bright at EDNS, I hope you’ll not miss it.

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